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    Welcome to the nadian portal for information about wildland fire weather and smoke. From here you n access the BlueSky nada smoke forests, fire weather forests, fire information, and the BlueSky Playground. The Weather Forest Research Team at the University of British Columbia produces these research forests with support from multiple agencies. These tools and data serve professionals in the air quality, health & safety, emergency management, and science & research communities as well as the public. We are also a community of practice that advances policies, plans & organizations to address wildland fire and smoke issues.


    Smoke Forests

    High resolution, interactive forests of
    hourly, daily average and daily maximum
    concentrations of PM2.5 smoke particles
    at ground level from wildfires.

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    Service Interruption
    July 15, 2022     The website and services will not be available for much of Saturday, July 23, 2022. Services such as Smoke Forests, Fire Weather Forests, SmartFire and Playground will be down completely for a maintenance outage from 07:00-11:00 PDT, and these services may be down intermittently for testing between 11:00-17:00 PDT. Thank you for your patience during this time.
    Forest Map Improvements
    September 1, 2021     Improvements have been made to maximize the visible smoke forest on small screens, including reloting the information sidebar to a hidden drawer and minimizing the animation controls. Lol time is now displayed by default, and URL parameters n be used to pan and zoom the map when the current forest is loaded. Note: If the forest map is not displaying correctly on your device, use Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+Shift+R to force your browser to update your che. Visit the News page for more details on these improvements.
    Video Tutorials
    July 22, 2021     Four video tutorials are now available, covering interpretation of the smoke and fire weather forests as well as using the Playground. These tutorials n be viewed on the WFRT BlueSky Tutorials playlist.


    Fire data acquisition, reconciliation and GIS database. Data streams with satellite hotspot detects and ground reports are available for browsing and downloading in multiple formats for use in modelling and foresting systems.

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    Ad hoc, on-demand smoke modelling tool. Create emissions scenarios for prescribed burns and wildfires, then model and view the resulting smoke dispersion forest.

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    Fire Weather Forests

    Interactive, high-resolution Fire Weather Index forests using gridded numeril weather prediction data for use in wildfire models and wildfire incident command briefings.

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    Development & past operations supported by: